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Psychophonetics - The Human Double (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Transforming the inner Anti­-Human in us into higher consciousness

The threshold of moral development

There must be, in each one of us,

alongside the true human being that each one of us is,

the ‘I’ – an invisible, powerful, ever present opposite, the ‘Anti‐I’.

This ‘Anti‐I’ inside of everyone’s body and soul, I call the ‘Human Double’.

Look around you. Only we, human beings, create anti‐human realities everywhere, alongside the wonderful human achievements of our civilisations.

Most of us look human and live human lives.

So much of what we create is truly human. But every day we are confronted with anti‐human realities created by human beings:

wars, destruction, exploitation, inhuman environments, inhuman work places and work relationship, inhuman economy, banking system,

political manipulation, leadership, architecture, cities, technology, bureaucracy,

governments, international corporations, crime,

carelessness, cruelty and abuse of the innocents.

Where do these come from?


The anti‐human phenomena, does not come from nature.

When we look at the forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, starry heaven, flowers, trees, and animals ‐

even though they are not created by human beings ‐ we never feel that nature is inhuman. We love it. It supports and enhances our humanity.

Only human beings can create inhuman realities.

And, our own behaviour keeps surprising us. From an unknown source inside our soul something drives us to act in ways that contradict our own true ideals, ideas, values, principles, moral resolution, commitments; our true human nature.

We hurt the people we love, and then we are shocked by what we did and hurt ourselves with guilt and shame.

We regularly act on the anti‐human in us.


The Anti‐human lives inside us alongside the essential human being.

Both are invisible until they are expressed, and we can recognise them in their true nature. When the Anti‐human inside of other people has taken over ‐

we feel dismay, anger, disappointment, judgment, vengeance,

aggression, outrage, disgust.

When the Anti‐Human nature is coming from ourselves we feel

guilt, shame, remorse, self hatred and bad conscience.

But when the essential true human being inside us prevails,

from ourselves and from others – we feel confirmed in our deepest inner value, and are proud to be members of the human race.


People fall in love and for a while are looking like a pair made in heaven, admiring, respecting, caring, and loving each other above anything else. But so often you meet the same couple a few years later and they changed drastically. If they are still together at all they become very often survivors of a battlefield in which the only enemy is each other.

Little is left of the love, the attraction, the passion, the respect, the admiration of each other. Why is this relationship destruction so common?


From the heart love comes.

From a heartless source of destruction comes the anti‐human drive.

If we let it, it destroys everything that is human.


Look at the history of the 20th century and you will find

bleeding wounds afflicted by human cruelty.

People who lived together for centuries, as neighbours, friends, colleagues, partners, co‐patriots of the same nation, same country, children of the same land, speaking the same language, singing the same songs, eating the same food. But from one day to the other, these same people wake up in the morning and see their neighbour as the enemy, as an object of hatred, as someone to get rid of, as a disease to eliminate; and they become demonic.

Some devilish, heartless propaganda, religion, nationalism, racism, politics, ideology takes over their humanity and they discriminate, attack, rob, expel, torture and kill their own neighbours;

the same people they went to school with and played with as children.


Where does this come from? They act against every principle of their higher values, ethics, religion, wisdom. From one day to the other good people of the same country become murderers when the anti‐human takes over: Serbs against Croats; Bosnian Muslims against Bosnian Christians; Germans against Jews; Hungarians against Slovaks; Czechs against Germans; Tutsis against Hutus; Zulus and Xhosas; Muslims and Hindus of the same India, Kashmir, Punjab, Bengal become enemies; Jews and Muslims who lived in friendship for centuries; Greeks and Turks; Arabs, Kurds, Druze, Sunni, Shia, Christians, Alawites, Yezidi, Assyrians, Palestinian, Jews, Zoroastrians and secular people of the same Lebanon, the same Syria, the same Iraq, the same Iran; Russian speakers and Ukrainian speakers of the same Ukraine;

suddenly the anti‐human in one side see only the anti‐human in the other and

they both become anti‐human.

Another war, genocide, holocaust, pogrom, ethnic cleansing, civil war starts,

and later on we ask: who are we really if we or our fathers could do

such awful things to our own neighbours?

We realise than that alongside the human being –

another being is living in the same body, the same soul.

Some call it evil, some call it shadow, and some call it ego.

In Psychophonetics work we call it the ‘Human Double’.

We don’t judge it. We try to understand who it is, how it works,

how to confront it, what options we have in the face of it,

how to work with it fruitfully,

what is its mission in human life.


For everything that lives in us, has a mission and task. Not one organ in our body is there coincidently. The same applies to our soul: strangers do live in us but

they are not there coincidently or without purpose.


So who is the Human Double? Where does it come from? What is it doing there?

What is its mission in our lives? What is the practical, creative, beneficial way of

working with it? What is the mission of human evil?


The scope of this article is too short for a satisfying answer to this

eternal question.

As a philosopher and a historian – I would not even start.

But as a practitioner of Psychophonetics, a modality of soul work

that is based on a direct observation of the phenomena of the soul – I can try.

I can do it from only one theoretical point of view:

my interpretation and development of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy.

I can share some practical insights into working with the human Double

only from one approach: Psychophonetics.

That is all I have space for in this article.


According to Rudolf Steiner the human Double is an intrinsic parasite.

It lives inside the human constitution from birth to death like all the other parasites, not as a physical but as a soul parasite.

Each physical pathogen can kill me

if my immune system is not strong enough to fight it.

But as long as I confront it, that struggle will make me strong.

So it is with the Double:

it can destroy the integrity and humanity of anyone’s soul the moment the ‘I’ stops fighting it. But if I confront it directly – the Double will make me strong.


This parasite is a genius. It has complete access to every cell of our brain, nerve system and memory, which we don’t have. It is much more intelligent than us.

And unlike us it never gets tired and never sleeps.

This parasite is immensely powerful.

It has complete access to all our will power, which we don’t.

It has direct access to the elemental forces of nature,

so what chance do we have to combat it, let alone win over this

anti‐human parasite in our souls?


Aspects of the Double

1. The Double is heartless.

It has no access to the human heart. In our heart we are free of the

power of the Double. In as much as we are centred in our heart, act out of it, represent it, think in connection to heart‐intelligence – the Double cannot touch us or touch our interactions with people and environments. In the heart we are our own true self.

The Double does not have a heart. It is incapable of understanding love, compassion, kindness, care, sacrifice, faithfulness of

soul and spirit. The Double is the very opposite of all these human qualities.

In our heart we are much stronger than our own Double.


2. The Double is a liar.

In the face of our striving to truth the Double is completely powerless.

By truth I do not mean one theory, belief system or dogma over another, but

the striving for truth,

the honesty about it, the courage to act on it and the humility to change it

in the face of a greater truth that we encounter.

The Double is the Spirit of the Lie.

The true human being is a pilgrim on the search for truth.


3. The Double has no freedom.

The most unique power we were given as human beings is freedom of choice.

The Double does not possess freedom at all.

Animals don’t have freedom, and the Double is a kind of soul‐animal.

Like any regular cat, the Double can only be itself and nothing else, it is completely predictable. No freedom of choice about it.

Human beings on the other hand have the freedom to choose between options. The biggest choice of all for a human being is to choose between acting out of our true humanity or out of the anti‐human in us.

That is the human moral dilemma.

That choice is the foundation of human freedom.

This is my first statement on the mission of the human Double: It is there in us to provide choice, to be the alternative to the human element; to facilitate the exercise and the development of freedom through our moral struggles.

Not any specific solution to a moral dilemma matters,

but the human moral struggle in itself is the essentially human.

The intimate presence of the Double in each one of us

provides the possibility for moral dilemmas.

Take out of us the moral struggle between right and wrong, true and false, good and evil, beautiful and ugly – and there will be no human civilization, culture, history, philosophy, science, art.

We are both the creators and the creatures of generations of

human struggle for truth, goodness and beauty.


Human Heart, Human striving for Truth, Human Freedom – these form

the essential human nature.

Heartlessness, lies, and un‐freedom, form the nature of the Double.

That polarity is the mission of the Human Double.


Published in Slovakia as:

Ľudský dvojník – Prostredníctvom antičloveka v nás k vyššiemu vedomiu

Vitalita magazine, Bratislava Slovakia. Yehuda Tagar, April 2015 (pp.52‐53)


Article in PDF-form here:

The Human Double_Part 1
Download PDF • 160KB

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