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Recently I am the dean of studies at PACE – Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe, senior lecturer at Škola Empatie, Slovakia, and director of Psychophonetics Institute International.
I teach Psychophonetics, Psychosophy, Anthroposophy, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy  and psycho-somatics  in Slovakia and internationally. We train holistic coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists and Psychophonetics Practitioners in the 3-year course of Graduate Diploma of Psychophonetics Trainer for Personal Development.
I also offer regularly seminars in public education on topics of psycho-somatic and mental health, personal and professional development, relationship, parenthood, organisational development, Anthroposophy, Psychosophy and Psychophonetics.


Before settling in Slovakia I worked as a course director of Health Creation, UK, as head of Psychophonetics Training for the Association of Artistic Therapies (UK) and lecturer at Persephone College UK in the UK and in private practice in Stroud (UK), Budapest, Prague and Bratislava


Before that, I was head of Psychophonetics training at Novalis Institute Cape Town and director of Persephone Institute of Psychophonetics in South Africa (2002-2010)


Management of Persephone College in Australia since (1991-2007).

I practiced as a Psychophonetics counsellor and psychotherapist at the Melbourne Therapy Centre (1991-2002),

Syringa Health Centre and Persephone Village Clinic in Cape Town (2002-2010)


I managed Rudolf Steiner House in London


and before, I worked as a social worker with migrants, youth worker, head of the youth department and consultant for complementary education in Israel after national service.
Son of a citrus farmer in Nes Ziona, I completed high school at Kibuz Givat Haiim.

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