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If you can Hear yourself – you can Hear others

If you can Know yourself – you can Know

 In as much as you can
Heal, Transform, Develop, Educate,
Manage & Lead yourself – you can help others to do the same.

Yehuda Tagar

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My Story

I am founder of Psychophonetics, Methodical Empathy and the consultancy program ‘7CC - the 7 Conditions  Counsultancy -for Sustainable Organisational Development’.

I was born in Israel.
Life took me to Australia, South Africa, Great Britain and then to Europe.

I am coach, counsellor, psychotherapist, international consultant, trainer and lecturer, now based in Bernolakovo (Bratislava), Slovakia.

Alongside teaching in the Psychophonetics professional courses, public lecturing, organisational consultancy and private practice – I also publish articles regularly in the Psychophonetics International Magazine of IAAP (International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners), in Vitalita and Dieťa magazines in Slovakia and in internationally, as well as in my FB account and Youtube channel.

I have three children, four grandchildren and I am married to Miroslava Tagar, living together in Bernolakovo.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.  Let's connect!

Phone: 00421 948 849 933

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