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From conference on Psychosophy to new campus in Italy

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Driving through Hungary to Croatia for an international conference on Psychosophy/Psychophonetics, on the way to Centro d'Ompaia, Milan, North Italy, for the possibility of starting a new Psychophonetics campus there.

Blessings from the road.


Driving south west through the snowed mountains and forests of Slovenia to Milan, after the 3-day Psychosophy conference in Rudolf Steiner at Donji Kraljevec, Croatia. Tomorrow we will meet the founder of Centro d'Ompio on the Swiss Norbert to explore the possibility of creating the first Psychophonetics training campus in Italy. More news tomorrow.


Yehuda and Jano in Ljubljana, Slovenia with Napoleon and with Ana, president of the Italian association of shamanism.


We had a beautiful meeting of spirits at Centro d'Ompio, an established seminar centre of 28 years with a mailing list of many thousands of people from many countries, mainly Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and many more.

Pius, the founder and the owner of this amazing place is a deep, wise, soul, I wish him to be a consultant/ friend of us, and he welcomes warmly what we do with Psychophonetics in the world, with deep appreciation, and very experienced practicality. His relationship to Rudolf Steiner is deep and free. His mother knew Rudolf Steiner, attended his lectures, and that is where she met his father. He was a student at the one of the earliest Waldorf schools in Switzerland. He is 77 years old, fresh and alert and involved and very alive. He is a natural colleague and partner for me.

The centre can accommodate up to 80 people with full catering. The whole area and grounds are breathtaking in their beauty. He knows that in preparation to starting Psychophonetics here, I will have to present it in the major towns in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria. He has an active team and a large office in operation. This place is uniquely the right place for us with the right people. He would love to be our partner in establishing Psychosophy/Psychophonetics college here. It feels like we have arrived to our 3rd home: Bratislava (Bernolakovo), Kosice, Centro d'Ompio. We are starting to work on this new option now. We are arriving to our next home. Love Yehuda

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