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About the Event

ONLINE free seminar in Košice, Slovakia with Yehuda Tagar as part of Open days at School of Empathy in Slovakia!

In every health condition there is a psychosomatic part. Sometimes it is 5% and another time it is 95%. Thanks to Psychophonetics we can observe what chance there is to change the condition through our own contribution.

Psychophonetics was formed in 20 years during which Yehuda Tagar, the founder, worked in close collaboration with medical doctors. This approach of Participatory medicine, in which a client takes active part in their own healing is being further developed in Psychophonetics.

What to expect

• Psychosomatic topics, „incurable“ conditions such as eczema, migraine, stress, burnout, chronic fatigue, herpes, autoimmune disorders.

• Theoretical and practical introduction to Psychophonetics, which enables the client explore psychosomatic connections in their health condition.

• There will be space for questions and a discussion.

With the help of a volunteer we will be able to demonstrate psychophonetic processes to deal with psychosomatic issues.


• Registration form:

• After your registration, you will receive a Zoom link a day before the event

• The seminar will be in English with a translation to Slovak

• Fee: FREE – part of Open days at School of Empathy

Looking forward to meeting you!


Yehuda Tagar

Yehuda - founder of Psychophonetics, worked for 20 years in integrative medical clinics in Australia and South Africa in collaboration with medical doctors.
At the moment he sees private clients and is the main teacher in School of Empathy. On top of that he teaches Psychophonetics in other countries.

Yehuda Tagar
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