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About the Event

On the occasion of the opening of the new academic year at the School of Empathy in Bratislava and Košice, we invite you to 5 events.

We have also included new topics, some at your request and others especially for this occasion:

1. How to find inner peace - workshop for women with Jana Múdra and Daria Hegyi ONLY IN-PERSON in Košice and in Slovak

2. Finding your mission in life - workshop with Yehuda Tagar in-person and ONLINE, translated English <-> Slovak

3. Self-healing of the incurable - seminar with Yehuda Tagar in person and ONLINE, translated English <-> Slovak

4. How to be a good parent and to grow together with our children - seminar for parents with Jana Múdra in person and online, only in Slovak

5. Managing expectations in relationships - a seminar for couples and individuals with Yehuda Tagar in person and ONLINE, translated English <-> Slovak


Click on this registration form and choose at which events you want to participate:

Each event will consist of:

• introduction and explanation of the topic (lecture)

• practical examples of work at the School of Empathy

• discussions

The seminars serve as a taster before the opening of the next first academic year of the School of Empathy – in Bratislava and simultaneously in Košice in March 2023.

At the same time, these events are valuable also for those, who do not plan to study at our school.

• All events within the Open Days are FREE!

• ONLINE version - we will send you a Zoom link before the start of the event

• It is always possible to join during the first 15 minutes, after which the group will be closed, in order to create a safe space for the participants.

• It takes place in Slovak or in English with a professional translation into Slovak.

• You will receive further instructions after registration.

• In-person version – seminars and workshops will take place at Tolstého 3 in the premises of the School of Empathy in Košice

The participants will get discounted price for our courses!


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Yehuda Tagar and others

Yehuda - Teacher, coach, counsellor, consultant, founder of Psychophonetics and School of Empathy in Slovakia with 30 years of experience.

Yehuda Tagar and others
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