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The birth of inner authority

Becoming your own healer, own teacher, own leader with Psychophonetics

‘We are the ones that we were waiting for’

The potential to become one’s own leader, teacher and healer

lives in everyone today, waiting to be born into reality.

We are all pregnant with this capacity, at least for the past 60 years.

As with any birth - conscious effort is required and

a skilled help is essential: a doula, a midwife.

And as with any birth – if it is not done on time it becomes

a dangerous existential crisis.

Psychophonetics is a form of skilled midwifery for

the birth of the inner leader, teacher and healer in everyone.


I stood there with a woman in her mid 30’s, full of life, hope, strength, optimism and determination to express and fulfil her deep potential in this life.

She had a substantial career behind her which she left because it was not engaging her creativity enough, and she was in the midst of three other professional endeavours that were of interest and financially viable for her

for now, but none of them felt like her real task in life.

She was on a cross road.

She came to me to help her to find her true vocation in life. That was her wish. We entered the Psychophonetics Vocational process

that is based on the ‘Three Vocational Questions’:

1) What do you love to do?

2) What do you know that you have to do?

3) What is calling you to service?

She found meaningful answers to all three questions which deeply resonated with her and with which she could start a journey of further inner exploration.


I wish to focus now on the process of the second question:

What is It that you know that you have to do?

The question felt to her intensely powerful, but she could not answer it at all.

It touched a powerful blocked potential, essential for her future development. She was truly stuck. All she knew is that: “I wish to find what is my own thing!

But she had no idea what that was. I operated what we call

‘Creating Source’ sequence:

choose a moment when you felt completely stuck with not knowing

what you have to do; enter that experience fully, express it in full body gesture; get out of it and look at the empty chair where you have just been.

What do you see?

A helpless woman looking from guidance which does not come”.

What does she need from you?

Trust, support, care, guidance, taking responsibility for her”.

Become this character, the one who can do it, the one who can give her trust, support, guidance. She could see that figure, but she could not become it. Something was getting on the way. What is it?

Fear. She is afraid to take on her full power.

I encouraged her to look at the fear that separate her from becoming a source of guidance to herself. She could do that.

She looked at her own fear fearlessly, for the first time.

Before she could become her own inner leader,

the one who knows – she had to face the fear of knowing.

She looked at her fear and she was changing in front of my eyes

from the fearful one – to the one who is looking at the fear.

We both knew that this is as far as we can take it today.

Fear of her own power is her threshold.

On the other side of facing it lives her powerful knowing self.

Facing her fear has become her new inner source.


I stand with a man in his early 40’s, highly educated, professional,

confident, able and experienced.

But none of the things he did seems to him to be

an expression of his own being.

He feels cut off from his own source of being and he wishes to reconnect to it.

He tried everything: avoiding the question, following external spiritual teachers, using various mind-altering herbs.

None of it really touched his true being, none of it really changed him.

“It has to come from me!”

he concluded with a conviction born of true self-knowing.

I point to him the existence of a third possibility between avoiding the question that burns in his soul (what am I here for?) and

following some external leaders or drugs, which lead him nowhere.

There is a third way: enter the question itself,

express the frustration of the striving ‘I’ itself.

The ‘I’ that experience the void IS potentially the new source.

There is a potential higher state of being that is present in the soul

through the suffering.

The pain, the frustration, the feeling of being cut off from

one’s authentic source – they are all the expression of the higher being

that is seeking to be born through him.


That possibility is new to him as it is new to most people. He is willing to try it.

I ask him to choose a moment of feeling truly cut off and lost in his life.

That experience was always there, and he immediately reconnects to it.

He feels it with his whole being, his whole body.

He forms his whole body into a powerful gesture expressing that anguish.

This is no abstract question, it is life or death,

it is about the meaning of his lifeto himself.

He gets out of this gesture, turns around and looks at the empty chair

where he sees himself still in that gesture (imaginatively).

All he can see is a huge stone crushing him. I ask him to become that stone, crushing himself. He becomes the crushing stone. From that position he realises what the stone represents everything that is pushing him from the outside to be what they want him to be: parents, teachers, social pressures.

He gets out of this position, turns around and sees what was controlling his life unconsciously for years: outer pressures and expectations.

“The more I let these pressures in – the bigger is the stone”.

He stands there in between, observing for the first time at the same time

both the pressures and the one who is being crushed by the pressures.

He had never been in that position before,

he had never seen that polarity before.

He changes in front of my eyes into his own higher being.

He is filled with compassion for the one who was never given the space

to find his own truth and expression.

He sees clearly that he collaborated with these external pressures,

that he became their representative inside of his soul.

He takes that responsibility.

He can see how he had become his own worst oppressor.

Who is he now, looking at himself crushed by external pressures,

blaming no one, taking responsibility for himself?

He is now a new source, a source that was never there before.

This is the ‘Third Way’: The ‘I’ that suffers, that is frustrated and stuck,

the one that has the question – that ‘I’ IS the new source!


Compassionately he makes a symbolic gesture of selfcare and protection.

The stone shrinks immediately. There is no more crushing stone.

There is no need to fight external pressures.

They disappear the moment he becomes the one

who takes responsibility for his own being, with compassion,

with wisdom, with power to act, with love.

He finds his own source by becoming his own source.

That moment became a new starting point for his life.

He knew exactly what to do with it at home.


What I am pointing to in these two short account of two clients of Psychophonetics training sessions in recent time is that

a new source for internal leadership exists potentially in everyone today, embryonically.

It can potentially replace all the voices of outer authority,

guidance, teaching, healing –

with an inner voice of the inner leader, teacher, healer.

But that potential has to be born first. Time alone does not mature it.

It has to be born into life consciously.

The new wave of 21st century pathways of personal development are

moving away from the ‘therapy’ of psycho-pathology and dysfunctionality into normalcy – into the transformation of all life and work challenges into opportunity of personal development.

Problemorientated counselling and psychotherapy is being replaced by coaching and training for personal development, everywhere.

Indeed we are moving slowly but steadily

from ‘psychotherapy’ into ‘psycho-development’.

Psychophonetics is in the front line of this development.

It is a form of conscious and methodical ‘midwifing’ of one’s potential

own leader, teacher and healer into reality.

I call this transition ‘Conscious Evolution’.


Our role as Psychophonetics practitioners is

to be the ‘midwives’ of people’s higher potential,

to transform what our clients feel as loss, failure, dysfunction, weakness – into that opportunity for personal development.

We have not lost our capacity of acting out of inner authority, of being

our own leaders, teachers, healers.

We never had these capacities before!

A child controlled by adults who is longing to be independent and to control his/her own life – is not a failure. The opportunity was never really there before. There is a time in which to be guided and controlled by adults is

right, healthy and appropriate.

So it is in child development and so it is

with the development of humanity as a whole: we are all growing up.

People were controlled by outer authorities for thousands of years.

Up until 1918 Europe was controlled by un-elected monarchies with absolute power from the Ural Mountains to the River Rhine with a few exceptions.

All this progressively collapsed in the course of the 20th century,

and now dictatorships are the exceptions in Europe.

That revolution continues through the constant evolution of the equal rights of women, ethnic minority, diverse sexual preferences, freedom of expression,

the rights of workers, the rights of children and environmental regulations.

Of course there are backlashes and regressive tendencies back to

authoritarian regimes, back to someone knowing the truth for us,

but that is to be expected.

They have lost the war and they still win a few battles here and there.


The rise of the internal autonomy and authority of the individual is unstoppable. But every step of this liberation struggle is won by conscious effort,

by crossing personal thresholds, by discovering inside the soul a spiritual core that claims to be the new authority.

This development does not happen by the passive passage of time.

We are all pregnant of the new individual potential of being our own leaders, teachers and healers, but they are still only embryonic in most of us.

We all need a midwife to be born physically.

We all need midwives to be born spiritually.

Psychophonetics is one powerful form of ‘Soul-Midwifery’.


Published in Slovakia as:

Zrod vnútornej autority

Vitalita magazine, Bratislava Slovakia. Yehuda Tagar, January, 2019


Article in PDF-form here:

The birth of inner authority
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