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2nd April, 2022, Bernolakovo, Slovakia

There are 4 Ukrainian families in our home in Bernolakovo tonight:

four mothers, eight children, one dog, no men.

The men are left behind at home to defend their country from

the most destructive invasion in Europe since the Nazi invasion of Russia in 1941. Now the Russians are the invaders, from East to West, for a change.

The rest is exactly the same.

One of the families is permanent with us, until the end of the war.

Another mother and two children just came two days ago from Ukraine,

still looking for liveable accommodation.

The two other families found shelter for now

with Slovak families in villages near by.

All the children are Ukrainian Waldorf school students from Kiev and

all go now to Bratislava Waldorf school,

two of the mothers are Waldorf teachers from Kiev.

Their colleagues and students are in different countries now, and

the teaching and the teachers meetings continue online.


The total number of Ukrainian refugees that entered Slovakia since the conflict broke, as of today, is 292,039 (more than 2,000,000 in Poland, 270,000 in Czech Republic, 191,348 in Hungary [as of 7th March], 300,000 in Germany)

out of over 10,000,000 Ukrainian refugees

who fled their bombed cities and towns, and

now Canada opened its border to Ukrainians.

This is the greatest displacement of European population

since the Nazi invasions of the 2WW.

The number of those stationed permanently in Slovakia is 59,118.

Slovakia opened its borders, its homes, its heart and its resources

to every Ukrainian fleeing their bombed-out cities.

I am proud of being a member of the Slovak community in this crisis.

This has never happened before: the decisive majority of humanity experience the attack on the Ukraine as an attack on themselves, wherever they are,

and suddenly remembered that our family is humanity.

This came as a shock to those who are trying to drag us back

to the dark age of the 19th century and to the dark middle ages:

the Mongol invasion is back again.

Suddenly everyone’s business – is everyone’s business.

A jump in human evolution is taking place through the crisis

caused by this barbaric dark on-going act.

This is the very opposite of what the pack of 21st century dictators had in mind.

Humanity is winning through rivers of blood, again.


Yehuda Tagar

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