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About the Event

The First Condition for sustainable personal, social & spiritual development is: care for personal health. Stress destroys it. Psychophonetics stress management training is a range of practical skills for that.

Chronic stress is killer number 1 in the world today. It manifests in a whole range of mental, physical and social sicknesses, mostly heart attacks, chronic fatigue, weakened immunity and destroyed relationships. 80% of the workplace worldwide suffer from chronic stress at the workplace. It does not stop when people go home. Stress suppresses the immune system and chronic stress does it chronically. The international pandemic we just had is only one symptom of it. Our bodies cannot recover from the stress of our life by themselves. Money, sleep and holidays are not enough to overcome stress.

Most people assume that it is a fact of life and of work and there is nothing they can do about it, like taxes and death. But that is not true. At any given moment in time our level of stress is a combination of external and internal factors, mixed. The internal factors of stress can be mastered. This is one of the major tasks and capabilities of Psychophonetics.

Psychophonetics Foundation Year for Personal & Social Development is structured around ‘The 7 Conditions for Sustainable Personal & Spiritual Development’, involving seven commitments to oneself: Self-Care, Methodical Empathy & Communication Skills, Self-Management, Healthy Boundaries, Decision Making, Gratitude and Consistency. The foundation of Psychophonetics Foundation Year is the 1st Condition of sustainable personal/spiritual development: take personal responsibility for your own wellbeing on all levels - on the basis of your own intuition. It is a core element of Psychophonetics training and personal sessions to teach how to do just that.

So much that effects our health is not in our control, but some of the factors of health are. One thing that potentially is, is called: Stress Management. In the seminar the major stress factors and their effects will be outlined, the internal dynamics of potential stress self-management will be described, and demonstrated.

The seminar consists of:

• theoretical introduction

• discussion

• experiential part

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Registration: or

You will receive an email with a Zoom link one day before the event.The seminar is in English with a translation into Slovak.


• public free

• students of School of Empathy free entry


You can still join the Foundation Year in Psychophonetics online or in person in Slovakia. More information here:

Looking forward to meeting you!


Yehuda Tagar

Teacher, coach, counsellor, consultant, founder of Psychophonetics and School of Empathy in Slovakia with 30 years of experience in helping his clients with stress management.

Yehuda Tagar
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