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About the Event

Discovering a New Resource from the inside

Sometimes we come to a dead-end in life when the powers we have are just not enough for a new challenge. A skilled helper knows that in the depth of the human soul there live endless resources of strength, wisdom, love and creativity, of vitality, Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition – one’s greater potential which is not accessible to ordinary consciousness. For most people it is left un-known and unused. For some it becomes available through a crisis, falling in love or an inspiringmeeting with a special person. Great artists, scientists and innovators accessing it a matter of special talent. Most people walk through their life without it.

In Psychophonetics we created the range of processes called RESOURCEFULNESS: enabling the methodical discovery of new inner source, previously un-known, when it is needed, through facing the need for it with elevated consciousness.

The seminar consists of:

• theoretical introduction

• discussion

• experiential part

More info

Registration: or

You will receive an email with a Zoom link one day before the event.The seminar is in English with a translation into Slovak.


• public free

• students of School of Empathy free entry


You can still join the Foundation Year in Psychophonetics online or in person in Slovakia. More information here:

Looking forward to meeting you!


Yehuda Tagar

Teacher, coach, counsellor, consultant, founder of Psychophonetics and School of Empathy in Slovakia with 30 years of experience in helping his clients to find the resources within themselves.

Yehuda Tagar
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