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About the Event

Practical first aid and conscious development for relationships

Principles and processes for sustainable relationships:

❯ Upgrading relationships

❯ Nurturing relationships

❯ Creating a fulfilling relationship

What to expect?

• Main principles and processed for upgrade in relationships will be introduced and demonstrated

• Space for questions, sharing, discussion

• We will use basic Psychophonetics processes for upgrading a relationship

• 90-minute blocks of theory, practise and discussion

⁕ Intimate relationship is like a garden. It is necessary to have good soil but it is not enough. We need to cultivate and take care of the garden. The development, upgrade and cultivation of a relationship is in our hands.

⁕ 2 people create a relationship. Both of them influence the relationship. When one of them changes, the relationship changes as well. We don't have to wait for our partner to change. We can create the change ourselves, which will have impact on the relationship as well.


• short introductions to the topic

• discussion

• individual and group Psychophonetics processes

More info

Zoom link will be sent to you a day before the event.The event will be held in English with a translation into Slovak.


9.30 – 11.00 – 1. block

11.30 – 13.00 – 2. block

15.00 – 16.30 – 3. block

17.00 – 18.30 – final block


- public 49€ for individuals/90€ for a couple until 10.3.

- public 75€ /115€ after 11.3.

- students of Škola empatie 49€ individuals/90€ a couple

Looking forward to meeting you!


Yehuda Tagar

Teacher, coach, counsellor, consultant, founder of Psychophonetics and School of Empathy in Slovakia with 30 years of experience in helping couples upgrade their relationships.

Yehuda Tagar
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